At Island Associate, Our belief is that nothing brings more elegance to your property than a unique landscape design. We take pride in our craft and are proud to offer Long Island a plethora of different backyard landscape options. Our team of professionals can create from scratch to give your backyard design a complete transformation. Once we add new design elements, your property will have distinction and increased value.

We are reliable landscape and masonry contractors looking to enhance your outdoor living. At Island Associate we can accommodate all of your landscape and masonry needs including, but no limited to:

  • Outdoors kitchens
  • Poolscape
  • Retaining walls
  • Pool patio
  • Fire pits
  • Patio stones 

Your Trusted Masonry Partner

When it comes to elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space, Island Associates is the name you can trust. With a rich legacy of craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality, Island Associates brings your dream outdoor projects to life. From stunning masonry patios and pavers to durable masonry driveways and captivating masonry walkways, we offer a comprehensive range of services that redefine outdoor living.

Elegant and Durable Masonry Patios for Your Outdoor Oasis

Transport yourself to a serene oasis nestled in your very own backyard – a haven where relaxation, entertainment, and cherished moments converge. At Island Associates, we specialize in the art of crafting masonry patios that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmony between human design and the beauty of nature. Our team of expert landscape designers and artisans is dedicated to infusing each creation with a touch of natural inspiration. As you envision your ideal outdoor space, let our skilled craftsmen bring your ideas to life. From classic to contemporary, every project is an embodiment of your personal style, with the finest materials that brave the tests of time and climate, ensuring longevity against the elements. Just imagine basking in the soothing ambiance, whether hosting gatherings around a crackling fire pit, observing birds at your intricately designed birdhouse, or simply relishing the feel of the grass beneath your feet. Step into a world where meticulously designed patios meet the grandeur of nature, all while enjoying the comfort of carefully chosen outdoor furniture and the verdant embrace of well-tended lawns.

Creating Lasting Impressions with our Pavers that Pave the Way

Elevate the allure of your outdoor pathways by entrusting Island Associates with our exquisite paver installations. Our understanding goes beyond the functional aspects of walkways and driveways; we recognize them as pivotal components enhancing your property's curb appeal, especially the front yard. We approach each paver project with meticulousness, crafting intricate patterns and layouts that effortlessly seize attention and admiration alike. Tailored to suit various homeowner preferences, our wide array of paver options empowers you to personalize your outdoor spaces to harmonize with anything you envision for your site. Our solutions cater to diverse soil types and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for all areas of your lawn. As dedicated professionals, we listen attentively to our clients, curating paver designs that align with your exact desires, making your outdoor haven a unique masterpiece.

Building Grand Entrances: Masonry Driveways that Stand the Test of Time

The moment guests arrive at your home, their attention is invariably drawn to your driveway. At Island Associates, we go above and beyond to guarantee that your property leaves an indelible and impressive first impression, courtesy of our painstakingly devised and impeccably executed masonry driveways. We harmonize beauty with practicality, ensuring that your driveway not only boasts a breathtaking appearance but also stands resilient against the demands of daily usage. Whether your aspirations lean towards a majestic and imposing layout or a more subdued and graceful entrance, our services are custom-tailored to not only meet but surpass your expectations.Our expertise extends far beyond driveways. As a key player in the landscaping project realm, we offer unparalleled mastery in crafting landscape designs that breathe life into your outdoor spaces. From the creative arrangement of rocks that adds texture and depth to the scene, to the meticulous placement of fences and gates that encapsulate your property with a touch of elegance, we take every element into account. Our proficiency doesn't stop at the driveway—it extends to every facet of your front yard design, from thoughtful gardening choices encompassing a variety of grasses and plants, to judiciously allocating resources according to your budget.

The artistry of our gardens is matched only by our dedication to complement the distinctive hues of your house. Our palette of colors is carefully curated to enhance the visual appeal of your surroundings, offering a harmonious interplay between the various elements. In our pursuit of excellence, we don't just provide services; we offer advice that stems from years of experience. Your landscaping journey is a partnership with us, where your visions and our guidance come together to create outdoor spaces that reflect both your dreams and our mastery.

Guiding Your Path with Style: Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Masonry Walkways

Elevate the charm of your landscape by integrating captivating masonry walkways with other key elements like a deck, fence, gate, pergola, and arbor. Island Associates specializes in creating pathways that not only maintain functional connectivity but also harmoniously coexist with these architectural features. Our purposeful approach considers the scale, shape, and balance of each element, ensuring a seamless flow throughout your outdoor space. As skilled craftsmen, we meticulously place every stone, using them as a tool to enhance both aesthetic appeal and safety. These pathways not only serve as functional connections but also as part of the overall landscape design, providing shaded areas, unobstructed views, and a balanced blend of plant life. By incorporating innovative landscaping ideas, our designs become an integral content of your exterior, demonstrating the perfect synergy between nature and architecture. Let our expertise shape your landscapes in ways that evoke a sense of order, purpose, and lasting beauty.

At Island Associates
we can accommodate all of your
landscape and masonry needs.



Once you believe Island Associates is the right Long Island landscape designer for your project, we will commence with the planning process. Typically our design process begins with a color rendered plan consisting of a three dimensional color sketch or a photo-realistic image.


An Island Associates poolscape will transform an average pool into complete backyard environments. Through the use of water features, hardscaping, lighting, controls, and accessories, a customized poolscape designed by Island Associates will add beauty and functionality to your pool.


Island Associates masonry work will provide function and beauty to your Long Island landscaping. We specialize in a wide variety of materials making it easy to customize your stone work.


If you are considering adding paving stones to your property, Island Associates expertly installs beautiful, and custom designed masonry work. Paving Stones have many benefits over natural stones and can be used to create attractive and custom patios, retaining walls, stonewalls, driveways, and walkways.


When it comes to your masonry projects you have a choice between natural stone and cultured stone. At Island Associates we specialize in both natural and cultured stone and we can help you choose a stone that will best suit your project and fit with your personal design preferences.


Only a few years ago, homeowners had only a few choices for driveway material: gravel, asphalt or concrete. Today, paving stones have opened up new possibilities for building and designing a driveway.


Beautiful curving walkways can add both a functional and attractive element to your landscape. Whether you need to install a smooth walkway leading up to your front door, or you would like to add a smaller pathway within your garden, Island Associates can help you design a walkway that fits into the natural landscape of your yard.


Bring your entertaining outdoors with a fully functioning outdoor kitchen or outdoor BBQ area. At Island Associates we will create a custom kitchen in your backyard with all the amenities necessary for outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining.


Go green with Island Associates! We are now featuring green hardscapes so that you can take the extra step to be environmentally friendly with your stone choices.


Island Associates specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient ponds and water features that are customized to fit your particular style and taste, as well as complement your home and landscape. Water features provide a fantastic focal point for your property, spilling from a raised spa, a rock wall, or any number of interesting features. Water features also provide wonderful natural sounds and beauty of moving water.


"See Your Property in a Whole New Light" 
When the sun goes down, lighting and Illumination will help keep your property looking beautiful in any light. Outdoor lighting can enhance your property with pathways bordered by lights, streams of lights cast onto flowers or plants, or trees illuminated against the dark sky.


Island Associates can help you with all your commercial property maintenance needs.


Pergolas are outdoor overheard structures that can enhance the entire landscape of your yard by creating a focal point for your landscape design. Some pergolas form natural passageways that curve over pathways to create an eye-pleasing flourish to an outdoor entryway, while others are stand-alone structures that both extend your living space and add an architectural element to your landscape.