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When it comes to your masonry projects you have a choice between natural stone and cultured stone. At Island Associates we specialize in both natural and cultured stone and we can help you choose a stone that will best suit your project and fit with your personal design preferences.

Natural Stone
Natural stone is available in many varieties and is an excellent and often cost-effective choice for walls and walkways.  Bluestone, flagstone, fieldstone, and cobblestone are all natural stones that will create a beautiful addition to any landscape.
Flagstone is often used for walkways since it is durable and maintenance-free.  A flagstone walkway blends well with virtually any outdoor setting, from formal to rustic.  Both flagstone and bluestone are often employed in outdoor steps.  Fieldstone is a natural stone used frequently for walls, while cobblestone lends a quaint touch for drives and walkways.  

Cultured Stone
Cultured or manufactured stone is a stone made from concrete and special colored pigments. Cultured stone allows for design versatility in all masonry projects because the stone is cast into different molds to imitate the texture and appearance of natural stone. These stones are lighter than natural stone and typically used for vertical surfaces such as walls and chimneys.