Pergolas are outdoor overhead structures that can enhance the entire landscape of your yard by creating a focal point for your landscape design. Some pergolas form natural passageways that curve over pathways to create an eye-catching element to your outdoor walkway, while others are stand-alone structures that both extend your outdoor living space and add an architectural element to your landscape. Pergolas typically diffuse sunlight and are often used for entertaining or as a relaxing retreat with tables and chairs situated underneath.

Pergolas can be built out of wood, vinyl or fiberglass, and in a variety of patterns and designs so that it is easy to design a truly customized pergola. Your pergola should fit both your style as well as the natural design of your backyard landscape and backyard design. Our experts can handle it all, whether it’s used as a passageway, a relaxing addition to your pool patio, or just a beautiful inclusion to your patio design. At Island Associates, we will have a landscape architect ready to help you customize a pergola designed around your vision.

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